"In My Head" EP Out Now!

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My Debut EP is out now!!

“I've always struggled with opening up to people leaving me with no one to confide in except myself which then leads to negative thoughts and confusion about life. With this EP, I am finally taking the first step to letting people know what really goes on "In My Head". Touching on topics like love, relationships, sexuality and confidence, you get a glimpse of how up-and-down I am as a person. One day, I can be sad, angry, and doubtful. In songs like Intuition and Fool, you can hear the frustration I have about men and how I've been treated in my past relationships. In contrast, the sadness in Love Me, Not exposes the inner longing for love that every woman still feels but may be too prideful to admit. 

Then, I have days where I wake up happy, confident and fearless. On That, Sweat and O.D. definitely puts me in that untouchable, egotistic vibe where I feel very in-control and sure of who I am. Then there is the title track In My Head, which still ties everything back to my on-going battle of getting out of my head and just living life to the fullest. Overall, I have a roller coaster of emotions in my head and I'm ready to let people take this journey with me!”

Check out my full project here: NIK - IN MY HEAD (EP)

Writers: Stuart ‘Mookie’ Sanders, Scott ‘Radio’ Berger-Felder, Nik Hartfield, and Maxx Moore
Producers: Stuart ‘Mookie’ Sanders and Scott ‘Radio’ Berger-Felder
Cover Art by: Nik Hartfield
Mook’a’milli Entertainment / The White Guys, LLC.
Release Date: April 13th, 2019

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